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Toy Hunt! Elsa & Anna Toddlers go Toy Shop! Barbies Toy Store! Little Anna has a Tantrum +Balloons!

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Toy Hunt! Elsa & Anna Toddlers go Toy Shop! Barbies Toy Store Little Anna has a Tantrum +Balloons!
Elsa and Anna from the Frozen Movie take their toddlers to Barbies Toy Shop! Elsie and Annie have completed their smiley face chart and are going to get a new toy as a reward! There are so many to choose from and it is not so easy when you have the most amazing toys in store! Little Elsa finally finds what she is looking for but when Baby Anna wants to buy another My Little Pony Toy her mummy says No which leads to a major tantrum! Oh no what will Barbie do when Annie trashes her toy shop? Will she get mad at the bad behaviour or will she be clever and find a way to calm her down?
Why not subscribe and watch one of our other popular Frozen Barbie & Disney Princess videos? Elsa from the Frozen Movie is having a barbecue! It is sunny and hot - perfect weather to grill some hotdogs and hamburgers! Anna is setting up the hammock and Elsa is preparing the coals. The Frozen toddlers want to help but they dont want to get burned! Little Anna gives the puppy a surprise treat when no one is looking? Will they have a successful barbecue or will it rain?! Watch this fun dolls movie full in English video to find out! Baby Sitter! Barbie Babysitting Elsa & Anna! Change Nappy, Feed Baby Toilet Disaster & Make up Mess! frozens Elsa and Anna take their girls to Barbies Baby sitting Club house! Annie does not want to go in and has a major tantrum! Little Elsa helps Barbie change the babys diaper! Dont touch the toilet Toddler Anna! Young Anna puts toys in the toilet! The baby has made a smelly poop but dont worry Barbie is the Best Baby Sitter in town and sort everything out! Little Elsa wets her pants when she finds toys in the toilet what a disaster! Barbie gives Elsa new clothes and they dress up! Then Anna puts lipstick on her face in another makeup disaster! Barbie lets them help feed the little cute baby! Airplane! Elsa & Anna board Barbies Glam Jet! Frozen Dolls go on Vacation! Aeroplane Adventure! Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna are going on vacation on an airplane for the first time! Anna is busy packing her clothes and Elsa has got the passports ready! They dont want to be late! Will they arrive on time for their flight on Barbie airlines Glam Jet Airplane?! Barbie is the pilot of her fabulous dream airliner and her assistant Sebastian is air hosting the Frozen sisters of Arendelle! Elsa and Anna go to the Doctor! Frozen Barbie Dolls Videos! Full Episode in English Frozen Elsa and Anna got to the Doctor because their toddlers have chicken pox! Watch this full Dolls episode featuring The Barbie Doctor Playset and Barbie Doll! Will Anna take her medicine? Will the Frozen girls get better?
Barbies Bedroom! New DreamHouse Episode ! Help Barbie choose an outfit in her Doll House with Pool! Barbie has just finished decorating her new DreamHouse! She has spent months and months getting it ready and is going to give Toy Tastic fans a special tour of her new place! There is the lounge with Flat Screen TV swinging chair new music system which plays her favourite songs adn a comfy couch. The new kitchen is perfect for cooking and baking her favourite foods and recipes. Oh no Ken has left the breakfast and orange juice out! The fridge is big enough to store all her favourite things and she cant wait to show you her new lift! Upstairs is the bedroom which has a walk i wardrobe. This is where barbie keeps all her clothes dresses shoes and accessories!

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