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4 years ago

Diver gets bitten by massive shark during feeding frenzy

A scary video has emerged from the Bahamas of a diver being attacked by sharks while feeding them.

The footage shows Carly holding the bait when suddenly three large sharks approach her to take it.

Then, one of the beasts grabs the feeder pole while another one bites Carly's right hand.

Fortunately, she was wearing a chain-mail diving suit and wasn't badly injured.

''Large groups of sharks were circling us as Carly was feeding them,'' the filmer, Carly's dad, later wrote online.

''Three very large sharks move in to take the bait at the same time, one of them grabbing the feeder pole from Carly and the other biting down on her right hand.''

''Her immediate reaction was to let me know she was okay, in pain, but okay.

"She then made eye contact and went to give me a thumbs up," he continued.

''Returning to the boat after our dive, we checked her hand and saw where one of the sharks teeth went through the chain-mail and into her fingernail.

"The tooth had broken through the nail and pulled her nail right off her finger.

''Carly shook it off laughing and said it was like having someone slam your hand in a door.

"We shared an experience of a lifetime, one neither of us will ever forget,'' he added.
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