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4 years ago

Friday Night Fights - Presented by Daily Motion and Hard Knocks Fighting Championship

Hard Knocks Fighting
Hard Knocks Fighting
Hard Knocks Fighting Championship is your premier MMA promotion, showcasing the worlds elite up and coming athletes on a global stage.
With over 50 events, HKFC, has earned a reputation of being a world class organization, through its global audience and draw of talent. Athletes, such as, Ronda Rousey, Elias Theodorou, and Misha Circunov used HKFC as a staging ground for their careers. In this Daily Motion exclusive event, fans get to watch Dan Spohn vs. Rodney Wallace, Jenn Wolstenholme vs. Jess Elverum (Hopkins),Cody Wilson vs. Sergej Juskevic, Chris Smeltzer vs. Dale Tallman