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4 years ago

Xbox Modded with 63 Emulators - Xbox with 63 Emulators Installed

Dig That Box
Here is an amazing original Xbox console that has been modded to include 63 different console, handheld and classic PC emulators!

These feature packed emulators have built in cheats, save states, video preview, online play and so much more!

People have asked, why separate emulators for Sega CD and Sega Genesis? We get the same question for Amiga and Amiga CD32. Well the answer is simple. For the Amiga emulators, those particular emulators are custom skinned and tweaked to run each format in the best possible manner. And concerning the Sega consoles, we found that one emulator worked best with cartridge games while the other excelled at running Sega CD games.

We also have two of the best versions of the CoinOPS emulators.

DISCLAIMER: We do not sell modded hardware. We will not show you how to mod your console. We will not show you where to get roms, isos, etc. The xbox featured in our videos is a unique item and only 1 exists. We created this machine as an experiment, to push the boundaries of the original Xbox hardware.

AdamX, ArnoldX, Atari7800x, AtariXLBox, Blissx, BlueMSXBox, Chip8X, Classic99x, CoinOPS, CoinOPS R3, CoinOPS Showcase, CPX3, DaphneX, Didntxspectrum, DOSXbox, Kegsx, Killer Instinct, Mednafenx-lynx, MednafenX-NES, MednafenX-PCE, MekaX, NeoGenesis, NeoPopX, Odysseyx, Pcsxbox, ScummVMx, SoftVMUX, SuperVisionX, Surreal64, Vice20x, Vice64x, VicePETX, VirtualBoyX, WinSTonX, WinUAEX, WonderSwanX, X68000X, XBoyAdvance, Xmac, Xthom, Xvectrex, Xzx81, Z26X, ZsnexBox