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5 years ago

Russian MOD Releases Footage Described as Showing Strikes on Palmyra

Russia’s defense ministry on May 31 released footage, the detail of which it is not possible to independently verify, described as showing strikes on Islamic State targets near Palmyra, Syria.The footage shows from a number of missiles, described as Kalibr cruise missiles, being fired from a sea vessel; latterly, the footage shows a target on the ground being hit by a strike.It is not possible to verify the location of most of the footage. However, the scene at 3’18" in the footage tallies with this location to the east of Palmyra, confirming at least this part of the clip. Neither is it possible to confirm that the missiles fired at the start of the footage relate to the strikes seen at the end.Russian state-run news outlet Sputnik cited defense officials as saying the strikes “targeted militant hideouts east of Palmyra housing heavy equipment and militant manpower transferred from Raqqa.”
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