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Francesco Gabbani - Tra le granite e le granate & Occidentali's Karma @ 1M2017 (subtitled)

Italian Music
Francesco's performance at the special 1M2017 Concert (Concerto Primo Maggio / May Day Concert), in Rome.

'Tra le granite e le granate' is Gabbani's new single from his latest album 'Magellano'. The album was named after the Portuguese navigator and explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who led the first European voyage of discovery to circumnavigate the globe - the first European ever to cross from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean before reaching the then-called South Sea.

The concept of travel and journey is the underlying theme of the whole album, which Gabbani says is the embodiment of those who have the courage to venture into the unknown. "Not every song is about travelling, but they all have some points of view that may represent the different stages of a journey to explore the reality around us and, above all, a journey of self-discovery. As for the sound, I like to describe it as a 'Gabbani's fritto misto' (a typical Italian mixture of fried sea-food) whose ingredients are brought by the collaborations with musician/producer Luca Chiaravalli, my brother Filippo and songwriter Fabio Ilaqua" - just like the huge hit 'Occidentali's Karma'.

'Tra le granite e le granate' (Between granitas and grenades) is a catchy song with a fun, reflective mood - Gabbani's strong suit - rich in double entendres and hidden messages that can easily get lost in translation, like the homophone pun E-state / Estate (meaning 'So, stay' / Summer) and Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ reference ('Abandon all hope, ye who enter here’).

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