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4 years ago

A Quiet Outcast Steps Into Her Spiritual Power and Takes Charge of Her Life: Tinica

We traveled to London’s Southbank Centre to conduct What’s Underneath interviews as an open call in a public setting. We weren’t sure what to expect, but eager participants stepped up to share their stories as an audience accumulated. Watch six women strip down and open up in our first ever Open Call.

When we arrived at The Southbank Centre, a longtime fan, Tinica was there to graciously volunteer her help for the day, and hopefully have a chance to step onto the stool herself. We were racing against the clock to do as many interviews as we could that day and found ourselves possibly running out of time to do anymore. But due to her intense sincerity, enthusiasm and humble insistence, it was impossible to say no to Tinica and thank god we didn’t. Her absolutely astounding determination and resolve to overcome familial abuse and cultural marginalization in her own community, is nothing short of heroic. A spiritual visionary, Tinica is taking charge of her life.

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StyleLikeU is led by mother-daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, who are bound by the desire to uncover what’s underneath personal style. Through candid, docu-style interviews with empowered individuals, StyleLikeU is building a world where getting dressed each morning is an act of self-love.

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Produced by Elisa, Lily, and Mona
Edited by Tia Dunn