EPIC GTA 5 STUNTS, WINS & FAILS! #10 (GTA V Epic & Funny Moments Compilation)

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EPIC GTA 5 STUNTS, WINS & FAILS: Grand Theft Auto V Epic & Funny Moments Compilation #10 is out! (NEW EPISODE EVERY FRIDAY!) [GTA V Epic Stunts/Wins, Funny Fails, Accidental Wins & More!]
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0:00-0:53 Pegboard Nerds - Disconnected [Monstercat Release]
0:54-1:10 Anders Ekengren - Buster [Epidemic Sounds]
1:11-2:14 Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp
2:15-2:27 Andreas Jamsheree - Secure The Beat 2 [Epidemic Sounds]
2:28-3:00 Anikdote - Turn It Up [NCS Release]
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4:02-5:47 Vicetone Feat. D. Brown - What I've Waited For [Monstercat Release]
6:13-6:43 Hellberg Feat. Tash - I'm Not Over [Monstercat Release]
6:48-7:28 Rogue, Slips & Slurs, Stonebank - Unity
7:29-7:32 Sad Airhorns
7:33-8:28 Mr Fiji & Exist Strategy - Andromeda (Instrumental) [Monstercat Release]
8:29-9:11 Kayzo - This Time [Monstercat Release]
9:12-9:41 Martin Gauffin - Les Beaux Jours 2 [Epidemic Sounds]

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[Video Created in: 2017]