Fidget spinner craze: Fidget spinners are turning the world on its head

  • 7 years ago
EVERYWHERE — One day the world was standing still, the next day everything was spinning out of control. Fidget spinner mania has gone global, with stores rushing to get them on the shelves, and parents battling to get them in their kids’ hands.

Fidget spinners have been used for years by kids with autism and ADHD to help them concentrate.

But this spring, they suddenly began flying off the shelves and started taking over classrooms worldwide.

The problem now is that students are concentrating so much on their spinners, they’re forgetting to pay attention in class.

More and more schools, and even some churches, now have fidget spinner bans in place.

Although kids aren’t the only ones addicted. Adults are now caught up in the craze too as cubicles and subways are suddenly fidget-free.

How long will this latest toy craze last? What’s next for fidget spinners?