Tom and Jerry Cartoon - Tom and Jerry Cartoon Episodes # Cartoons for Children

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Tom and Jerry Cartoon - Tom and Jerry Cartoon Episodes # Cartoons for Children

The short fragment from series is a 1943 one-reel animated cartoon and is the 12th Tom and Jerry short directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and produced by Fred Quimby, Baby Puss was released to theaters on Christmas day, December 25, 1943 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer.
This is the first Tom and Jerry short to be animated by Ray Patterson, who arrived from Walt Disney Productions after working on The Old Army Game, a Donald Duck cartoon also released in 1943. Except some time spent at Walter Lantz Productions in the 1950s, Patterson would continue to work for Hanna and Barbera into the 1980s.
Interesting facts:
This is the first appearance of white hostess Tom.
In this cartoon were first used new end credits.
This is one of the twelve cartoons in which the Tom and Jerry are both losing.
In this cartoon first appears trio of street cats.

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1) Tiger Cat / Feeding Time / Polar Peril
2) Joyriding Jokers / Cat Got Your Luggage? / City Dump Chum
3) Way Off Broadway / Egg Beats / Cry Uncle
4) Bats What I Like about the South / Fraidycat Scat / Tomb It May Concern
5) Din-O-Sores / Freaky Tiki / Prehisterics
6) Digital Dilemma / Hi, Robot / Tomcat Jetpack
7) Fire Breathing Tom Cat / Medieval Menace / The Itch
8) Ho Ho Horrors / Doggone Hill Hog / Northern Light Fish Fight
9) Cat Nebula / Martian Mice / Spaced Out Cat
10) Octo Suave / Beach Bully Bingo / Treasure Map Scrap
11) Destruction Junction / Battle of the Power Tools / Jackhammered Cat
12) Tin Cat of Tomorrow / Beefcake Tom / Tomcat Superstar
13) Piranha Be Loved By You / Spook House Mouse / Abracadumb

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