Chelsea Handler Says “We Are a F***ing Racist Country” + Racism w/ a Sense of Humor on Netflix

  • 7 years ago
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Chelsea Handler is one of the funniest people in Hollywood, plain and simple.  Making the move from E! to Netflix for her latest project, Handler joins the Sway in the Morning crew to speak on the transition.

Under the title "Chelsea Does," Handler is releasing four documentaries on the video streaming service on January 23.  Covering racism, drugs, marriage and Silicon Valley, it's very obvious that Handler is passionate about much more than just celebrity news.

From asking Al Sharpton why chicken and watermelon are racist connotations to taking different drugs under doctor supervision, Handler is definitely putting a new twist on investigative reporting.

While hanging with the SITM crew Handler also speaks on her thoughts on Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Sean Penn's run in with El Chapo.