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5 years ago

Forget Cats... This Lady Keeps 1500 Pet Tarantulas in Her Home

Ruptly in English
Tarantulas are the largest spiders in the world and have a reputation for being the most deadly. These fearsome arachnids look absolutely terrifying, but some people have developed a love for tarantulas and more and more of the furry spiders are being kept as pets. Ming Cu is the owner of the Spider Lover Pet Shop, a pet store with one of the world's biggest collections of tarantulas.

But there's a catch - Ming runs her internet shop out of her own home. This spider lover keeps over 1,500 different tarantulas in her own house. Ming cares for all of them every day, feeding them, making sure they are comfortable, and then finding them a new home.

She started her collection of eight-legged creepy crawlies in 2010 and has spent over $55,000 on them since then.

Oddly enough, no tarantula bites are fatal for human.

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