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Johnny Depp Accused of Wearing Ear Piece to Avoid Learning Lines

Splash News TV
Splash News TV
Johnny Depp’s been going through a legal battle with his former management group, TMG, and now they’ve leveled some pretty amazing accusations his way.

The latest is one is that he keeps a sound engineer on a yearly retainer so that he no longer has to memorize lines.

Yeah. They claim the Pirates star wears an ear piece when he’s acting so he doesn’t have to learn lines for the roles he’s playing.

The papers were filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, and they also say the company wants Johnny to be examined for compulsive spending disorder… and ACTUAL illness first diagnosed in the early 19th century that manifests an urge to spend even to the point of adverse effects.

But Depp has claimed that if he wants to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, then that’s his thing. So just deal with it.

He has yet to address the ear piece controversy.
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