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Little Elvis impersonator keeps "The King" alive in the Philippines

Coconuts TV
Coconuts TV
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Nestor Peñaflor aka "Egoy the Playboy," has performed as an Elvis impersonator for the last 30 years in the Philippines. The difference between him and thousands of Elvis impersonators around the world is his height: 3 feet and 1 inch (94 cm). His unique stature has allowed him to travel around the world.

When he goes on the stage, Egoy feels like the audience isn't even listening to the Elvis song. And that's a good thing.

"I feel they're all looking at me and laughing, I make them laugh," he says before letting out a guffaw himself. Laughter is his natural state.
He knows that he suffers from discrimination for being small. He's aware that he has physical limitations because of his size. He knows he's being hired because people find him funny.

And he just accepts it and dances. And then he laughs.

Video, Audio: Biel Calderón
Script: Biel Calderón - Eric San Juan
Editing: Biel Calderón 
Text: Eric San Juan
Research: Eric San Juan