6 years ago

Ashley Graham Models New Swimsuit Line in Hollywood

Splash News TV
Splash News TV
Ashley Graham is busting out some big moves! [SPL1467485] Trotting all over the modeling world.

She has netted herself another modeling gig, flaunting what she’s got all over this Hollywood Hills photo shoot.

The highly confident model is bending over backwards for the best camera shots, and smiling between sets.

Showing off a little of her personality too. [spl1467484_018].

Ashley modeled two of her suits from her line… A two-piece with netting over it, and this glamorous one piece. In both cases, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and her whole crew look like they’re enjoying the crisp, sunny Los Angeles weather.

Of course, Ashley wasn’t afraid to flaunt that booty either. In fact, we believe that backside is what helps her bring in the big bucks.
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