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Dino Cave Android Gameplay (HD)

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Stuck in Dino Cave!! Now your Survival begin!\r
Play as a Cave Dino Hunter and clear the cave full with ancient crazy beast!! \r
You are a brave Dino assassin and you have to hunt down T-rex, tyrannosaurus and king Dino marauders in in most amazing Cave Environment.This game is a marque new real hunting and shooting experience which you ever played. Those peoples who cannot risk their life hunting wild ancient beast can enjoy real hunting experience by playing this real life game.\r
Prepare yourself to experience the thrills of the immortal excitement in the real Cave environment. Endeavor into the Cave and go aboard on a grand hunting voyage in the land of dinosaurs.\r
Use modern weapons like Beretta, UMP, and the AK-47 rifle. BEWARE the teeth and claws; you wont get a second chance after attack!\r
Dino Cave Features:\r
• Easy and Smooth controls to enhance your shooting skills\r
• Awesome 3D Graphics and Cave Environments\r
• Smooth, Easy and Addictive gameplay\r
• Intense First-Person Shooter Action\r
• Exciting Map with Realistic Environments\r
• Roam around in 3D Cave environment and hunt down all Dinosaurs\r
• Raid the hideouts and strike before they hunt you down; your patience, skill, intelligence and reflexes will all be put to the test.\r
• Horrible Dino Cave, Open to explore!\r
• 3D Animated Dinosaurs, from the Herbivorous to ferocious Carnivores.\r
• Choose from among six different weapon types.\r
• Realistic sound and graphics effects\r
Amazing Dino Hunt Awaits!!\r
Install! Play! And become a Cave Dino Hunter!!\r
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