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Various Artists - Best House Music - Italian House Club Selection Vol.4 - Club Dance Music


00:00:00 Roby Star - Carlo Cavalli - Menny Fasano - Pechino
00:06:00 Carlo Cavalli - Menny Fasano - New Era - Extended Version
00:12:58 Carlo Cavalli - Menny Fasano - Hunabku
00:18:40 Carlo Cavalli - Groove Star - Extended Version
00:26:52 Carlo Cavalli - Eros Locatelli - Killer Mouse - Guilty Mix
00:32:56 Carlo Cavalli - Carmelita - Deep Version
00:39:00 Carlo Cavalli - El Mexicano
00:45:54 Carlo Cavalli - Menny Fasano - Firework - Tech Mix
00:53:08 Joel Reichert - Wicked So Rock

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