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Minecraft Xbox One PS4 TU50 SEED - 7 VILLAGES 4 TEMPLES 65+ DIAMONDS

Frenzied Gaming
Seed: 580689660304723251

Village 1: X105 Y73 Z333
Village 2: X-200 Y78 Z-216
Village 3: X-149 Y72 Z-407 w Blacksmith
Village 4: X110 Y74 Z-391 w Blacksmith
Village 5: X293 Y89 Z-234
Village 6: X272 Y88 Z-19
Village 7: X63 Y83 Z55 w Blacksmith

Desert Temple 1: X-190 Y77 Z-334
Desert Temple 2: X162 Y78 Z-238
Desert Temple 3: X274 Y79 Z34

Ocean Monument 1: X-183 Y73 Z121


X208 Y13 Z378 (7)
X206 Y13 Z35 (4)
X218 Y15 Z220 (4)
X214 Y14 Z339 (8)
X218 Y14 Z402 (2)
X155 Y11 Z291 (5)
X139 Y15 Z294 (6)
X78 Y13 Z375 (3)
X49 Y15 Z295 (6)
X-40 Y15 Z384 (6)
X-77 Y13 Z423 (4)
X-99 Y11 Z293 (7)
X-144 Y11 Z290 (6)
X-130 Y10 Z288 (8)
X-138 Y13 Z296 (6)
X-173 Y6 Z397 (4)
X-95 Y14 Z380 (8)
X-97 Y13 Z-30 (3)
X-97 Y10 Z-70 (4)
X-75 Y14 Z-80 (4)

Be careful of lava.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Frenzied Gaming

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