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4 years ago|29 views

LISTEN: Mark Levin interviews Vice President Mike Pence on Obamacare replacement

Love Megyn Kelly
Mark Levin had on his show tonight Vice President Mike Pence to discuss the Obamacare replacement bill.

Levin made sure to ask Pence about his role as President of the Senate and his ability to basically put into reconciliation whatever he wanted, telling him that the White House lawyers should really look at this as an option. Pence said he had heard the discussion about this and would look into it, but I didn’t get the feeling it was something he wanted to do up front.

Levin also asked him tough, but respectful questions about the savings in the Obamacare repeal bill, but I didn’t feel like his responses really answered Levin’s questions. Levin even pointed out after the interview was over that though he feels Pence is a class act, they just disagree on this.

Make sure you listen to the full interview to hear the discussion.

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