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  • 7 лет назад
Los Numeros en Español para Niños. Con este vídeo los niños podrán aprender Los Números en español, se aprenden con lindas canciones y sonidos que ayudaran a los niños a memorizar los numeros, también aprenderán a reconocer diferentes palabras de su entorno. Un video educativo muy entretenido y divertido para los niños en el que aprenden los números. Aprender a contar del 1 al 10.\r
With this video the kids can learn the Spanish Numbers, learn to count in Spanish.\r
Each of these letter song is designed and developed to help the kids: \r
1) Identify the Letter Shape - Identify what it looks like, capital letter and small letters, repetition and highlight to identify the letter in the video, \r
2) Learn the Letter Sound - Learn the sound associated with the alphabet when it is repeated in different words, focus on just the sound of the letter, repetition to increase familiarity with the sound \r
3) Alliteration - Repetition of same sounds of the specific letter at the beginning of various words so that kids can also pick up and learn the commonly used words that start with that alphabet taking learning alphabets lesson one step further.\r
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