Learn Colors, Numbers, ABCs, Shapes with Crayons, Ice Cream Cones, Toy Phones, Trains & More

il y a 7 ans
Children learn colors, numbers, the alphabet, shapes and months of the year with nearly 28 minutes of educational videos. This compilation features two all-new videos and updated fan favorites including:\r
(00:02) Rocket Crayons Teach Colors \r
(02:50) The Counting Phone\r
(03:53) Ice Cream Scoops Teach Numbers 11 to 10\r
(05:28) Alphabet Stars\r
(07:41) Learn Shapes with Crayons\r
(10:58) Learn Colors with Trains and Trucks\r
(12:52) Learn Numbers 1 to 10 with Ice Cream Cones\r
(13:49) Lowercase Letters Tape Measure\r
(15:33) Calendar Crayons Teach Months of the Year\r
(17:14) Learn Numbers with Alligator on a Pogo Stick\r
(18:37) Learn ABCs with Alphabet Ice Cream Cones\r
(22:23) The Shapes Phone\r
(24:06) Wooden Alphabet Train\r
(26:19) Snowmen Teach Shapes\r
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