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3 Surprise Eggs Disney Cars 2 Pixar Toy Story TOYS Kung Fu Panda Unboxing Sorpresa Huevos

Heres surprise eggs from disney pixar cars with a car inside of sarge and surprise egg from toy story with slinky dog. Also Kung Fu Panda with master shifu.\r
3 surprise eggs with FUNNY TOYS Super Eggs Surprise for Kids for BABY MymillionTV Thanks for watching my video! SUBSCRIBE!\r
3 ICE CREAM surprise eggs!!! Disney PLANES MARVEL Kinder Surprise The SMURFS FURBY mymillionTV I will show You unboxing 3 Ice Cream eggs .\r
Hi friends:) Me Summer and Isla had a fantastic time BASHING 3 giant kinder surprise chocolate eggs,it was so funny we all loved this video and the kinder toys .\r