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BABY ALIVE Games! Baby Alive Doll Games - baby alive videos

We love playing baby alive games! They are so much fun! Which baby alive doll games are your favorite? Today we are playing the game on the Hasbro site.\r
Shimmer and Shine Babysitting Game CABBAGE PATCH KIDS BABY SO REAL True Life Baby Doll Toy Games. Who is a better babysitter? Shimmer or Shine?\r
On This video my Baby Alive doll Sara and Sophia playing Lucky Duck game and having fun to get M&M!!! Bananakids. So cool!!! Play-Doh Dentist Doctor Drill .\r
On this video my Baby Alive doll Sara and DOGGIE DOO Game Poop Dog Boys VS Girls!!! BananaKids. So cool!!! My Baby Alive Doll Sara and Sophia Playing .\r