This Athlete Battled Attention Deficit Disorder | Ryan Klarenbach Performix Athlete Profile

  • 7 years ago
I'm Performix athlete Ryan Klarenbach. Growing up, I was always outdoorsy, but asthma and my attention deficit disorder made it difficult to focus.
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My mom directed me into sports, and that became my release, but things weren't always easy. I had asthma and once nearly died during an attack. I could easily have let it hold me back, but I knew I didn't want it to limit me.

I turned to the gym to zone out and unwind, but my goals were never to get huge. Growing up, I used to watch B-boy videos and wanted to be able to do everything they did, so I dabbled in teaching myself how to backflip and breakdance. The Performix team has shown me what I can accomplish if I push myself. I started to see a progression of the things I could do. I could make my workout my own. There were no limitations, and I loved it.

Fitness is what you make it and what you want it to be. I wanted to test my body in every way, learn things, and challenge myself. My advice: Do anything you want, and do it to the fullest. Really put yourself out there.


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