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Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: New Character Pylon IMP Unlocked (PVZGW2 Xbox One)

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 SIX NEW CHARACTER CLASSES – Characters are the heart of Garden Warfare 2. Each character is designed to embrace a specific role on the battlefield with their own unique personality and abilities. \r
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EMERGENT GAMEPLAY – Highlight how from the moment you enter the Backyard Battleground, you are immersed in a fully interactive environment complete with dynamic battles; its your playground, and you play it exactly the way you want to. From triggering an all-out war by attacking the enemies base, to jumping the wall to set off all of the alarms; the more you fight, the more the battle escalates. Jump into the King of the Hill-inspired mode, Flag of Power, where you raise the Flag of Power and do everything you can to prevent the enemy from lowering it; igniting an all-out war where youll have to fight off wave after wave of enemies.\r
EXPLORE THE BACKYARD – Backyard Battleground is a massive space that includes a world of discoverables and hidden secrets just waiting for you to explore. Most of the content is locked off, but walk around and get a taste of whats to come in the full game Be sure to visit the Stats Room and check out your Stickerbook for a glimpse of the crazy amount of content you can unlock and discover in the final experience.\r
DAILY QUEST BOARD – Show how you can visit the quest board for a list of dynamically updated challenges that will reward you for every completed event, and increase your XP multiplier. New quests will be populated throughout the beta. Take on challenges for coins and stars, which lead to sticker packs, upgrade and unlocks. Stars can be used to unlock cool new content including new areas and secrets found within the Backyard. \r
PLAY WITH FRIENDS – Highlight how you can invite up to three friends into your Backyard to discover the secrets of the Backyard Battleground. Once youre ready to jump into a mode, you and anyone youve invited can play together, or go head to head or just fight over the Flag of Power.\r
24 PLAYER MODES – HERBAL ASSAULT (NEW!) AND GARDENS AND GRAVEYARDS – Dive into new zombie-focused modes and play as the plants on the attack in the all-new 24 player multiplayer Herbal Assault mode. Or go classic with a zombie attack and plant defense in Gardens & Graveyards where the plants must defend the gardens and prevent the zombies from capturing them all.\r
RETURN OF CLASSIC MODES – The classic fan favorites are back in Garden Warfare 2, including Team Vanquish for quick action and battlefield supremacy, and the objective Gnome Bomb mode; find the Gnome Bomb in order to destroy your enemys Garden or Graveyard while preventing the opposing team from doing the same.\r
ALL NEW MAPS – This battle for suburbia stretches across a number of brand new maps bursting open with personality and humor, all layered with hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Show off how deep and immersive these maps are including the snowy Frosty Creek, Z-Tech Factory, Moon Base Z, and Seeds of Time, the time travelling map that ends with a Game of Thrones inspired mini game.\r
SIX NEW CHARACTER CLASSES – Characters are the heart of Garden Warfare 2. Each character is designed to embrace a specific role on the battlefield with their own unique personality and abilities. Joining the existing characters from the original Garden Warfare are listed below:\r
Kernel Corn – A corn cob returning from the fight overseas to find Suburbia changed into Zomburbia and ready to fight back.\r
Primary Weapon\r
Cob Busters – Whats better than a fully-automatic corn cob blaster that explodes into popcorn? How about two!\r
Butter Barrage (LB) – Throw down a steaming hot potato, then stand back and watch as Corn Bombers fly overhead and drop hot Butter Bombs on the battlefield. \r
Husk Hop (Y) – Let the power of corn propel you onward and upward as you rain kernels down on those below.\r
Shuck Shot (RB) – Charge up and unleash fury with two explosive, rocket-propelled corn cobs.