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Sydney Chinese Lunar New Year 2017 Part 8 of 13HD Parramatta LNY, CNY Dancers, Vietnames Player Band, LNY lanterns@Opera House n more 4 Feb 2017

Sydney Chinese Lunar New Year 2017 Part 8 of 13HD 4 Feb 2017

Custom House performances on 4 Feb 2017
Chinese Wisteria Dancing of Sydney – Returning Geese
NSW Chin Woo Association
ARS Education and Beijing Guoyi Children Opera Group
Arzu Dancing School – Kara Jorga
Chinese Youth League Wushu Group
Kang Ping Dance Group
Australia Oriental Dance Group
Thai Boxing by SRG Thai Boxing Gym
Tai Chi Society
Royal Thai Consulate-General, Sydney
Opera Love – Yingjie Chen, Yuanyuna

Parramatta Lunar New Year 2017 Part 6 of HD, Shaanxi Arts Group, Sydney Chinese Dance Group, Song Min Sun Korean, Sydney 3 Feb 17

Watch Shaanxi Art Group performance at World Square sydney 6 Feb to 10 Feb. So much better to watch live.

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