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New Claim Suggests Johnny Depp is Broke

Splash News TV
Splash News TV
Here’s something we didn’t think we’d hear: Johnny Depp is broke.

That’s the claim coming from Page Six.

They’re saying that the actor is in such financial turmoil that he even had to fire his longtime agent because he couldn’t afford to pay her any more commissions on his movie deals.

Rumor has it he even jumped ship from UTA to CAA so he could get a sweeter deal.

It was only a week before when the story came out the Depp spent an astonishing 2 million dollars a month – which included 30,000 dollars a month on just wine. Plus he spent 3 million dollars shooting the ashes of his late friend, Hunter S. Thompson, out of a cannon.

All the information comes in the form of a countersuit filed by The Management Group, who acted as Depp’s legal, tax, and accounting advisors from the past 17 years. Johnny says they owe him 28 million in fees… TMG insists they handled his money responsibly and warned him of his over spending.

Wonder if this is why he’s trying to get Amber Heard’s divorce settlement thrown out.
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