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Descendants Mal Manicure -Descendants Games For Girls

Descendants Mal Manicure -Descendants Games For Girls.\r
Descendants Mal Manicure is a nice game appeared on our site that I am sure all the kids will enjoy because you will have the chance to work at a nails salon and you have a special guest, Mal, our heroine from the Disney movie Descendants. In this game Mal needs your help because she wants a new manicure and only you can make it happen. You have to use the mouse in this game to complete your tasks at the nails salon, to take care of Mal`s hands in the first place. You will get all the indications required so you don`t have to worry if you don`t know how to play the game. After the hand are clean and smooth you can move on to the next step where you have to cut the nails to give them a nice shape for the manicure. At the end you have to apply the nail polish which comes in a lot of colors that I am sure you will enjoy. Use also the mouse to apply in on every nail and I think you can make a great manicure. In this game at the end Mal is going to tell you if she likes the final result or not. Be careful at the details in order to make a great manicure for Mal.\r
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