Husein al-Jisr’s Darwinist book was distributed all across the Ottoman Empire at the time of Sultan Abdulhamid; this brought about the collapse of the Empire

7 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: Religious sects were what kept the Ottoman Empire standing. They also contributed to its foundation. And it was the British deep state that brought down the Ottoman Empire, and Sultan Abdulhamid who came under the influence of the British deep state, the Darwinist books distributed across the empire at the behest of Sultan Abdulhamid, and the Darwinist education system; these are what brought about the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.  While Sultan Abdulhamid is presented as a savior, his true face is not known by many. He was a Darwinist who led the entire Ottoman Empire and its vassal countries to their ruin through the Darwinism nonsense. He carried out an immense Darwinist propaganda. Even in the harshest conditions of the era, he had scores of Darwinism books published and distributed throughout the empire; to the Pashas, parliament members, to everyone. The Ottoman intellectuals lost their faiths and became Darwinists. The coup staged against Abdulhamid was within his knowledge. A ploy was carried out to bring down the Ottoman Empire. Husein al-Jisr was appointed by Abdulhamid himself. He had al-Jisr's men distribute 20,000 booklets and covered the costs from the royal budget. He had the booklets distributed all across the empire through camels and horses.

The booklet containing the Darwinist ideas was titled "Hamidiye Epistle" which was a curious title aiming to deceive Muslims. And Muslims believed it to be a normal, religious book, the first edition of which comprised of 20,000 copies. Tens of thousands of it was published and distributed. As a result, the British granted Abdulhamid congratulated him. And Sultan Abdulhamid granted a Sultan award to al-Jisr in congratulation of his activities. This was done by the order of the British, in other words, it was done within the British deep state's knowledge. The first edition comprised of 20,000 copies and was distributed exclusively to parliament members, professors and scholars, pashas and the government officials of the era. And Sultan Abdulhamid II awarded al-Jisr with an a golden Sultan medal in congratulation of the damage he has caused. The book was also translated into Turkish, Arabic, Urdu and distributed to all Ottoman provinces.’s-Darwinist-book-was-distributed-all-across-the-Ottoman-Empire-at-the-time-of-Sultan-Abdulhamid-this-brought-about-the-collapse-of-the-Empire
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