The British deep state wants to separate the South Eastern Turkey, as they did with the Ottoman Empire

  • 7 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: The heart of materialism and positivism in the Ottoman Empire, Edebiyat-ı Cedide [the New Literature] movement, and its publishing organ Servet-i Funun [Wealth of Knowledge] Journal; look at the system they established then to bring down the state. It began publishing during the reign of Abdulhamid and grew in time. Abdulhak Hamid and Recaizade Mahmud Ekrem, two of the most prominent poets and writers of the movement, instilled the following ideas in the Ottoman Empire. Their writings were distributed all across the Empire. One; 'The era of Islamic Civilization has come to an end', they say in the Abdulhamid era. Look, they suggest that the Islamic civilization has run its course, that Islam will be a thing of the past, because there is Darwinism, there is materialism now. Darwinist and materialist propaganda was carried out all around the Ottoman Empire. Two; "A new civilization has emerged along with the Western ideology, sociology and technique," they say. In other words, this mentality arose from a sense of lowliness peculiar to the peasantry. There are some people who have this sense of lowliness peculiar to the peasantry; being a peasant is in itself an honor, but such people deem it petty. A feeling of lowliness comes over them, whereas all of us are peasants; being a peasant is an honor but in their opinion, they deem it ignoble. And as they are of this mentality, they are easily swayed by Europe. 'A new civilization has emerged' they say. This means that they are fooled by this. Look, a new civilization has emerged with the Western ideology, sociology and technique; there were people in the Ottoman Empire who fell for this. Three; 'Sooner or later, the Ottoman Empire will fall before this civilization', they say. These are asserted by the writers of Servet-i Fünun. And through their effort, this was established as the dominant mentality in the entire Ottoman Empire. Meanwhile, Abdulhamid carried out a ceaseless Darwinist propaganda and ceded huge tracts of Ottoman territory.

All the pashas and ministers of the Abdulhamid reign were Darwinists. And since they had become accustomed to separating the Ottoman in this way, they meant to continue its destruction within a certain process. According to the British deep state, the separation of the South Eastern Anatolia, in other words, the destruction process of the Ottoman is a continuous one; we will cede the South East, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Regions, Izmir and Istanbul until only the Central Anatolia Region remains. Yozgat, Ankara, Konya and the surrounding lands. The British deep state says that the Turkish nation will be confined to these areas. Moreover, they do not want the Turkish nation to have access to sea, in other words, they want the Turks to live only in the Central Anatolia. And once they confine the Turkish nation to the Central Anatolia, there will be two options. They say, "We either completely eradicate them, or drive them to Central Asia." They have two options; this is what they currently seek to exercise.

In the First World War, the British had the Arabs under their control. They had them carry out all their wishes; they manipulated and steered them via a handful of homosexual spies in every respect, and being the poor people they are, the Arabs immediately obliged. They manipulated Abdulhamid and many other Ottoman sultans; it was quite easy for them. Brothels, taverns, wine, raki, tobacco factories were opened, and Darwinist-materialist books were spread all around the Ottoman Empire. Territories were lost continuously. Cyprus, Kars, Ardahan and many other territories were ceded. And this mentality still perseveres; the British deep state says, "You will continue to cede your territories."
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