6 years ago

Wonder Pets - Adventures in Wonderland - Nick Jr. Games - Full Epizode

Hello boys and girls, we know that the famous Wonder Pets have friends and fans among both boys and girls, so, we invite you all to try this new game with them, a game in which you will be able to join Lenny, Turtle Tuck and Ming Ming the Duckling in a very fun and magical world. These three friends have landed in the Wonderland, where Alice and her friends live in, and they have a difficult mission to accomplish: they have to find their friends, that are lost somewhere in Wonderland. Also, in their way towards their friends, which are holding a party somewhere in the Wonderland, they have to collect as many bonus items as possible, such as hats, cups and so on, useful objects for the party. As you advance in the game, and collect as many bonus items as you can, you also get a score, based on your progress and special items. We invite you kids to try this new game with your friends from the Wonder Pets, a game just as fun as the other ones from their category. Enjoy!