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5 years ago

Khabar Naak 24 December 2016 - Geo News (1)

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Khabar Naak 24 December 2016 - Geo News (1)
Khabarnaak (Urdu :خبرناک) is an Urdu and Punjabi Comedy television show hosted by Ayesha Jahanzeb along side Mir Mohammad Ali that airs at 11:05pm Thursday through Sunday on GEO News. Mir Mohammad Ali dresses up as a celebrity, the smiley face Ayesha Jahanzeb as the presenter and co-host, while several comedians add life to the show with hilarious comments and analysis regardless of whether such comments are required or not. It is a veritable "gossip column of talk shows" where in a tongue-in-cheek manner politics, current affairs and society are under discussion focusing on pertinent issues that affect us all.[1]"Khabarnaak" is a place where quintessential characters with different and opposing backgrounds come together and discuss, essentially, our society[2] featuring Mir Mohammad Ali [3] as the host and mimic. With the antics of Lucky Dear and several others, the show attracts audiences from different spheres of Punjabi life. Saleem Albela adds humor through his witty comments. They discuss politics, current affairs and society's problems usually in Punjabi Language.[4]
Khabarnaak is a show where eccentric characters discuss all aspects of the society which need attention. Politics is the major topic of discussion. It used to feature a section Zabaan o Bayaan where former host Aftab Iqbal corrected the wrong use of the language that is common among the people, and press on an Urdu language which is the language of elites and not spoken by laymen.[5] Moreover, Naseer Bhai guesses the composer, lyricists and actors by listening to songs which are suggested by the hosts as well as the audience. Cartoonist Imran Bobby depicts political scenarios through his cartoons.

The host of the show since its inception in 2010 was Aftab Iqbal. After Aftab Iqbal left GEO News at the end of July 2015, Mir Mohammad Ali hosted the show in the interim period, before Naeem Bukhari took over as the permanent replacement in August 2015. In February 2016, Ayesha Jahanzeb took over the role and has been successfully running the show to date.