7 years ago

Irish Guys Impersonating Conor McGregor Interrupted by Conor McGregor


Two guys staging a mock fight and impersonating Conor McGregor on a Dublin street were startled when their Christmas party shenanigans were interrupted by none other than McGregor himself.Mark and Patrick, employees at Human Centred Movement, a fledgling Dublin startup that teaches people how to achieve pain-free mobility through movement, were shouting an often-quoted McGregor phrase, “You’ll do nothing,” as they pretended to fight on the evening on December 23. Dublin native McGregor then rolled up in a car with a friend, to the surprise and delight of Mark and Patrick, who fist-bumped the UFC star.
Mark, seeing McGregor as a shining example of what their business promotes, said they “were only chuffed to get to meet one of their idols.” Credit: Human Centred Movement (HCM) via Storyful
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