How to get red lips naturally - 7 home remedies

  • 7 years ago
How to get red lips naturally - 7 home remedies
Use these 7 effective and natural tips to make your lips look red, and charming, that too without using lipstick.
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7. Mixture of Sugar, lemon, And Honey
Lemon and honey are natural skin lighteners which are best for treating skin patches and spots. Bleaching property of lemon works great for reducing dark complexation of lips

6. Natural Moisturizer
Your lips may appear pale and dull if they are kept dry. Hence, keeping the lips moisturized is very important to maintain a healthy lip.
And since we are talking about natural moisturizers you don't need to buy one, instead lets make it in our home itself.

5. Use a toothbrush
It's not for brushing your teeth, but your lips.
Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your lips. This can help to remove the dead skins on the lips. Applying little lip balm or vaseline will make it easy to use the brush. Doing this will make your lips look natural, and ever glowing.

6. Beetroot slice
Beetroots are one among the most inexpensive ways, to get red lips naturally. The coloring pigment in beetroot acts as an antioxidant and its anti inflamatary property helps to lighten the dark complexation of your lips. This, in turn will give your lips a natural reddish pink color.

3. Pomegranate scrub
Pomegranate scrub is ideal for gaining red lips naturally. It also works very effective over dehydrated lips and helps to restore your lips red color naturally, that too without using lipstick.

2. Avoid smoking
One of the worst effects of smoking is that it leads to noticeable darkening of the lips. This happens, because of the presence of tobacco and tar in the cigarettes. Also, it can stain your lips, teeth, and gums. Which in turn will make your lips look blackish blue in color.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water
Drinking a substantial amount of water daily, is very important for a healthy lifestyle. The water content in your body, does affect skin health as well. Your lips will look dry and pale, if your body goes dehydrated.

So, these are 7 effective, and natural tips to make your lips look red, and charming. Try it and feel the difference.

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