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BABY Rapunzel & Spiderman Milk Bottle! w/ Mickey Mouse & PAW Patrol Chase Funny Superheroes

BABY Rapunzel & Spiderman Milk Bottle! w/ Mickey Mouse & PAW Patrol Chase Funny Superheroes\r
Venom is sneaks up on Spiderman and Rapunzel as theyre distracted by the gumball machine. He sticks each of them with a syringe, and runs away after stealing the machine. Spiderman and Rapunzel have suddenly turned into babies, and start to cry. Mickey Mouse is out when he hears both of them, and rushes over. He picks them up and escorts them inside.\r
As Mickey sits them down on a pool float, he tries to stop them from crying. He gives them each a milk bottle which calms them both down for only a minute. Before Mickey can stop her, Rapunzel removes the cap from her bottle and pours it onto Spiderman. Rapunzel then tries to take Spidermans milk bottle, but he refuses to hand it to her. The babies begin to fight, and Mickey Mouse hands them toys to distract them.\r
Mickey rushes to answer the door while they are occupied. He finds a box at his feet and is excited to open it. As he opens the flaps of the box, he notices Venoms face. Suddenly, Venom leaps out of the box and sprays Mickey with silly string before knocking him out with a metal tray. Venom then takes the toys away from the babies.\r
Mickey awakes and tries to calm Rapunzel and Spiderman while calling the Paw Patrol for help. As he hangs up, Mickey notices that the babies are gone. He sees Spiderman fall into the pool, and sprints to the pool to save him. Mickey collects the babies and escorts them away yet again.\r
Meanwhile, Venom is having fun blowing bubbles with his new gumball machine. Chase spots Venom, and throws him into the waste bin before returning to Mickey and the babies with the gumball machine. He also uses syringes to transform Rapunzel and Spiderman back to normal before they all celebrate together.