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Princess Rapunzel Got Nail Through the Foot! with Spiderman, Paw Patrol Chase & Minnie Mouse

Princess Rapunzel Got Nail Through the Foot! with Spiderman, Paw Patrol Chase & Minnie Mouse\r
Minnie Mouse and Rapunzel are walking outside when Rapunzel accidentally steps on a giant nail. Minnie panics as she tries to help Rapunzel, but someone hits her on the head with a hammer. Rapunzel calls for help, and Doctor Spiderman rushes over. Unfortunately, the mystery person places another nail on the ground, and Doctor Spider Man steps on it as well. Rapunzel crawls over to the doctor, and he checks his tool box for something to remove the nail.\r
Doctor Spider-man arms himself with a pair of pliers and tries to pull the nail out of Rapunzels foot. After what seems like an eternity of excruciating pain, Doctor Spiderman gives up and decides to use a different tool. He arms himself with a hammer from his tool box and begins to hammer.After even more pain, Spiderman finally manages to remove the nail from Rapunzels foot and wraps it with bandages before she rushes off to help Minnie Mouse.\r
Meanwhile, Joker is torturing Minnie Mouse with snakes. After hes had his fun, Joker pulls out a syringe and stabs Minnie Mouse with it. Suddenly, Minnie has morphed into a sumo, and screams for help. Rapunzel finally arrives on scene and begins shooting Joker with a gun. Joker throws Minnie on the floor and makes his escape as Rapunzel rushes to help her friend.\r
Doctor Spiderman finally arrives to help and tells Rapunzel to stop Joker. Joker begins to shoot back at Rapunzel, and they both duck for cover. Doctor Spiderman is able to return Minnie Mouse back to her normal form and they watch as the fire fight carries on. After what seems like an eternity, Rapunzel decides to call the Paw Patrol for assistance. Chase rushes to the scene and manages to sneak up on Joker, forcing him to disarm himself. Chase carries Joker away as Rapunzel returns to her friends and celebrate.