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5 years ago

UFOs filmed Poltava region in Ukraine on 13 December 2016.

On Tuesday, December 13th in the sky near the village Rozsoshentsy, in the Poltava region, unknown objects emitting light were seen. Locals had to shoot them on the camera.

This entry was posted on video sharing site Youtube.

The viewer can see how the first one appears in the sky, followed by another and another bright point.

They randomly change their positions, with the bright light in the sky, almost out of sight.

The author calls video phenomenon - the "UFO", that is "Unidentified Flying Object".

As reported by "Country", the latest in the year Supermoon will appear in the sky at night with 13 for December 14 .

In Kiev, the Supermoon will reach its peak at 3.05 am on 14 December.

Also, astronomers have discovered an exoplanet, where there is a rain of rubies and sapphires .