Mr. Dazzling gets TROLLED - The Wolf vs Mr. Dazzling (episode 10)

  • 8 years ago
Mr. Dazzling and The Wolf both have one star each. Who will come out on top in this decider? Watch out for the return of The Wolf's famous COD troll class!

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Last episode:

Round 1: 0:54
Round 2: 5:14
???: 9:05

Ali-A -
The Legends:
The Gentleman (CreepsMcPasta) -
Lionheart (lionheartx10) -
Mr. Dazzling (Dazblackgames) -
The Wolf (mrdavetherave411) -
The Scotsman (bigMooney06) -
Wildfire (Jake from TWiiNSANE) -
Icestorm (Liam from TWiiNSANE) -
Lightning Bear (BennyCentral) -

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