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Yikes! Avoid Making These First Date Faux Pas At All Costs

Make your first date drama-free by following these simple dos and don'ts. Trust us, it'll make the difference between you either scoring a second date...or saying goodbye to one.


Welcome to Love U; I’m your host Tiffany Smith. Will I like them? Will the conversation flow? Will we have a goodnight kiss? Will I be glad I packed my little wisp? Or you change your Facebook status to ‘It’s complicated’? Love U will show you the dos and don’ts of first dates. The goal of the first date is to see if you’re compatible. And get this! Have some fun! So be positive! You’re naturally more attractive when we’re more optimistic. Don’t dwell on life’s frustrations or go on about the pitfalls of your romantic past. Save that for after you sign the pre-nup. Focus on things you like, things you enjoy, a great vacation, or if you got nothing? Compliment your date.

I really like your blouse.

Oh this? My ex gave it to me. Ohh, it really needs to be dry cleaned. I know I should be grateful to have a job in this economy. Sometimes I think that if I just be laid off it’d be a good thing. I’m so stressed out.

Maybe that’s why in getting cold sores.

Do you know what you‘d like to have, Jennifer?

Don’t call me Jennifer. My ex used to call me that. I now go by Helena.

You have anything with Prozac in it.

Oh! I got that!

Make your date feel like a star. By giving them full eye contact and ask questions. It shouldn’t feel like an interview, just show that you’re interested and engaged in who they are. Chances are you googled them the night before. But resist the urge to investigate them like a member of CSI. You want to cam across a potential suitor, not a potential stalker.

So did you go on any fun vacations lately? Maybe, down south?

Oh well last month I went Mexico with some friends.

Oh, really? Are you sure about that? Of course, I’m sure! Are those from my Facebook page?!

The real question is who is this?

It’s my friend’s cousin, Billy.

Listen, Jennifer Nicolette Lynn Myers, seems like you racked up quite the credit card debt lately. You’ve got a credit card payment due tomorrow by the way.

Ring, Ring. Oh! I think that’s the sound of my phone ringing.
If your date’s doing great, and the sparks are flying the only thing you need to remember now is don’t overdo it. Don’t drink too much, get overly emotional, or use words like ‘we’. Unless of course you’re talking about video games. Give your budding relationships some time to grow.

Thank you for all your help. Okay, bye, bye, now. Great! You’re back I got to tell you I was so nervous but you turned out to be incredible.

Uh, waiter! Can I get another bottle? You want something?

Oh, No. Actually I have to get up early in the morning.

I don’t want this date to end. Come on, dance with me. Let’s go! Come on! Hey everybody, I am in love with this woman and the search is over. I am head over heals start raving mad about Sheryl!

It’s Jennifer.

Ooo, that’s a problem. The wedding invitations say Sheryl. I have to make a call. Hello? I’m sorry I made a booboo.

The good news is once you master date 1, the second one is so much easier. With any luck soon enough you’ll be the one divvying up dating advice. Which will hopefully include these quick tips. Be Positive: Don’t complain about your ex or your job. Act interested but don’t give your date the third degree. Be calm and collected. Don’t drink too much or reveal intimate secrets. Have fresh breath. Don’t forget your wisp!

Hi, how’s your date going?

We’re totally hitting it off. And I’m getting ready for a goodnight kiss. It’s just like so nice when things are so easy.

Try this.

Thanks. I’m a perky blonde. Thanks for watching Love U.

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