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5 years ago

How To Figure Out What Your Man Is REALLY Saying

Learn more about what you guy is REALLY thinking here:

Even though you're both speaking English, do you ever feel you and your love are speaking different languages? Watch Love U for some hilarious translation tactics.


Welcome to Love U, where we teach you everything you need to know to pass this course of love with flying colors. I'm your host Tiffany. Today's lesson is how to interpret man speak. He's a man
and you're a woman and you're both fairly comfortable with the nonverbal construction of the English language. So why is it that when you say something, and he could say the exact same thing, it has a vastly different meaning.

Well let us here at Love U help you translate. Now let's examine the hidden subtext of what he means.

He says "You're really nice." Seems sweet. What he's really saying is:

Nice personality. Wish her face and body were nice too.

What he says:
Let's be friends. We share a connection, even if it's not a romantic one.

What he's really saying:
Please don't hate me. Just tell me if you have a hot friend or sister.

What he says:
"I'll call you." Oh, goodie, I better make sure that my phone is charged.

What he really means is:
These are the final words we will ever exchange. Ever.

Now let's take a look at situations where men communicate without ever saying a word:

Do you think Angelina Jolie is prettier than me? *silence* You're supposed to say no!

Do these jeans make me look fat? You have to think about it?

Now onto the last stage of manspeak: What he hears when you talk.
#1.Do you know how to get to Chestnut Street?

What he hears:
I wanna have sex with you.

What you say:
What a nice day!

What he hears:
I wanna have sex with you.

What you say:
Are we boyfriend, girlfriend now?

What he hears:
I wanna have sex with you. Forever.

Well, that about does it for this episode of Love U. Hopefully, we opened up the lines of communication between you and your man because after all, the language of love should be universal.

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