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5 years ago

What The Single Life Is Like Around The World

What were some of your own experiences like abroad? Jumpstart the conversation here:

Liz Tuccillo, writer of Sex and the City and co-author of He's Just Not That Into You, goes around the world to see what the single life is like in other countries.


My name is Liz Tuccillo and I was a writer for the last two seasons of Sex in the City. I was also a co-author of He's Just Not That Into You. And to do research for my fictional book, I went around the world and interviewed women and men about what it was like to be single in their countries and it was fascinating and hilarious at the same time. The common issue is that most women in the world are looking for love, looking for romantic love, they don’t want to settle particularly in this day and age.

I didn’t really hear women saying I’d rather be in any relationship than no relationship. Most of the women i spoke to were like “If I can’t be in a great relationship, then I’d rather be single.” I also heard it was unbelievable that in every country there's not enough good men. It’s very sad to hear.

One of the best countries I think to be single is a place like Iceland where it’s very open-minded and liberal. There was no stigma about whether you’re single, whether you’re a single mother, married or divorced; it’s all the same view of whatever your life choice is. There was really no stigma about any of it.

Whereas a place like China, where it’s seen as such a terrible thing to not be married by a certain age, and to not have children. It was very shocking to me that a Chinese single woman is not allowed to adopt from her country. She’s not allowed to adopt anywhere. You really actually see that sometimes politics plays a part in a woman’s ability or happiness in being single in her country.

You know, you think there’s going to be a cliche that Rio is going to be an incredibly sexy place with beautiful people worshipping their bodies, it was really true. They had a lot of complaints about their men in terms of being guys that want to commit or stay faithful. But besides that they all seem to be having a really good time. If you didn't need any of that stuff like fidelity, you seem like you could maybe have a good time in Rio.

If there's one thing that I wanted to like, if I could bring back a bottle to sell here
that I learned in another country really is kinda the idea that in India, the women I talk to actually do have a couple of options. They are dating and choosing men that they wanna date and meeting people but at the same time they do have an incredible structure of family and friends who are like “boots to the ground, let's gather the troops, we’ll go out there. We’ll make some calls, go on the website. We’re gonna find your husband.”

There was a sense that it was everybody's problem. I thought it was fantastic I think everybody should start like getting in there and getting busy for their friends It is true that every country, I did take back a little something and it was thrilling to sort of have an opportunity to meet people all over the world and hear how they’re addressing the issue of love and finding love.

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