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5 years ago

The Perfect Solution To Those Lover's Spats (You're Welcome)

How do you solve your fights? Weigh in here: is proud to introduce SpatSolver, a revolutionary electronic aid designed to cure all your relationships problems. SpatSolver is the first wearable device that continuously records the last five minutes of your conversation. Just tap, and listen! For the first time ever, couples don't have to fight over who said what. SpatSolver has you covered! Are you in the habit of zoning out when your spouse is speaking to you? Don't worry, SpatSolver is listening for you!


Has this ever happened to you?

Doug, Did you stack these like this? These don't go in there, they go in the draw.

You said put them in the cabinet.

I said don't put them in the cabinet.

If only I could record the last five minutes and play it back for you.

Well now you can. Introducing Spat Solver! A new revolutionary, wearable device that continually records the last five minutes of your conversation. To activate Spat Solver just tap and listen.

Put the tupperware in the draw.

No more ‘He said, she said’ moments. With Spat Solver you never second guess who said what again.
What did I say?
That’s not gonna fit up there.
Oh my God I’m blind.
Spat solver is the ultimate ‘I told you so’ Device. The secret is Spat Sovler’s patent-pending five-minute recording system. No digging in the closet for your voice recorder bothersome buttons to press! Spat Solver is always on because you're wearing it.

I don't listen to my wife and with Spat Solver I still don't have to. I never have to worry about forgetting what she said because I let Spat Solver do all the listening for me.

You're not listening again! On Tuesday we’re having dinner with the Dunderson’s and
on Thursday I’m going to need you to pick up the kids. You're not listening!

Tuesday dinner Thursday kids. Got it. Spat Solved.

Spat Solver is also a fashion accessory versatile enough for an evening at home night on the town. I don't need you to fix all my problems I just want you to listen.

You said you needed my help.

No I didnt.
I really need your help with a problem.
I really need your help with a problem.

Spat Solved.
Researchers say that ninety nine percent of relationship problems happen within the last five minutes so hurry and order your very own Spat Solver today! Similar argument resolution techniques are time consuming and costly. Spat Solver is yours for low low price of 19.95. Plus call within the next 10 minutes and receive the Apologizer. This convenient device is pre-programmed with all your favorite apologies such as:

I'll take the rap for this but it’s really your fault. Fine, I’m sorry. Can we have sex now?


Sorry, now you apologize for your role in this.

Plus many more. You get it all. Spat Solver and the Apologizer. Your complete argument solution
the entire one hundred dollars value for just $19.95. But you have to call now. To order Spat Solver now call 1-877-298-Spat that's 1-877 298 7728. To hear more success stories go to
Don’t wait call to order Spat Solver Now. A product.

Spat Solved.

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