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5 years ago

The Brutal Truth About What Dating Is Like In Brazil

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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have a Brazilian lover, you need to hear this. But you may want to sit down first. Apparently, when it comes to the dating field, there's a general consensus that infidelity is the norm and monogamy is just an illusion. Say what?! Liz Tuccillo, writer of Sex and the City and co-author of He's Just Not That Into You, goes around the world to see what single life is like in other countries.


I accept infidelity because I know they are like that.

You accept infidelity?

I accept.

When you say you accept-

Why not?

His **** inside someone else? Just wash it honey. Really? You don’t care. No. For you but not for me.

I definitely don’t believe in monogamy. I think that monogamy is an illusion. And if people think or feel that their partner is going to be faithful then they live in la-la land.

I know a bunch of men that are married, that have lovers that look for prostitutes and all those kind of things. My idea of fidelity, is that I don’t believe men can be that fidelity like the height of women.

I don’t believe in that. And most of Brazilian girls I think are gonna agree with me.

I know some happy marriage but in the way people are treating this in our culture now, I don’t think that they are gonna last forever. It’s crazy nobody commits anymore.

Men you know has to, you know, spread sperm. I know. And this is part of what they are.

You are married. You know, and what are you feelings if you don’t mind me asking. She would kill him.

We’re very backwards in America. Don’t you think a good way to lose a man is to let him-

Go? And go out and meet- Walk around?

I don’t think so. No! I don’t think so. They love to go and come back. Women of the world wake up.

Oh yea! I’m awake! And that’s when I realized that’s why it’s so great to be single in Rio. Because you really, really, really wouldn’t wanna be married there. Let’s be fair Rio is still a great place to enjoy life, to have fun, to kiss, to feel free and uninhibited. And if youre single that’s not a bad place to be at all.

Enjoy. Enjoy Brazil’s men. Everything. Just enjoy! Don’t fall in love.

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