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5 years ago

What Men *Really* Think About Saying "I Love You"

If you've ever wondered whether or not your man loves you (and how you can tell), you've come to the right place. But first things first. Just how often do YOU say it? Men talk about the manner and frequency of saying "I love you."


Welcome to “That’s What He Said”. The window to the boys-only club house where guys reveal their deepest secrets about sex, marriage, makeups and breakups. I’m your host Matt Titus and welcome to “That’s What He Said”. Today we have some great questions from our friends at Ask YourTango. Here’s our first question: How do I get my boyfriend to say “I love you” more?

He’s not that big into saying I love you. Can I ask him to say it more? Should I just accept that is how he is?

I find it most attractive when I’m most ready to say it. Take this for what it is, when she pulls away. She’s on me, riding me, do you love, and do you love me? I’m like I…

So women should never ask the questions “Do you love me?” My opinion; they should never ask. I think that men are little more economical with when we say “I love you” and women are little bit more haphazard. You don’t wanna say I love you in the same sentence and then say “I love the New York Giants”. But then women do that a lot.

My wife loves nolablonics more than she loves me. There’s absolutely no question.

Typically women not all of hang ups with commitment. I love you, I love you. Guys? Task a breath let’s think about this.

Is it possible to overuse the phrase “I love you”? Absolutely! Definitely.

Absolutely, I mean it can become so cheap. It’s gotta come from a place of pre-existing action. Right.

I can tell my wife I love her all day long but if I don’t take the trash out that love is really only so deep. We’ve been married now for 6 years. I love is – It’s not as bold a statement anymore. Now it is and can be, not for great reasons, a reflex.

Context is important. Like, if you saying it in passing and she’s in the room and your passing buy “I love!” that’s not going to- But if you sit with her and look her right in the eyes and put your hands on her shoulder and you take that moment.

Here we go. Think about the consequences of asking your man to tell you that he love you. Think about the consequences of how much you say it. And I think that women should always let a man say it first because it will feel allot better to them and allot more believable. What do you guys think? Got a question that you want answered by our guy panel? Go to

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