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5 years ago

What Your Man's Lagging Libido *Really* Means (Says Men)

Head over here to hear what men think about married sex and their own sex drives:

If you're not too sure about how to handle your husband's low sex drive, you've come to the right place. A lot of things can go into why his libido has been pretty lackluster. Here's what the guys of That's What He Said think about the REAL reasons why your guy isn't really interested in having sex.


Welcome to That's What He Said: your window in to the boys only clubhouse where guys reveal their deepest secrets about sex, marriage make-ups and break-ups.

I'm your host, Matt Titus, and welcome to That's What He Said.

Today we have some great questions from our friends at Ask YourTango: When the wife wants to have sex more than the husband..?

'I just got married two months ago to a wonderful man. The only problem is that he doesn't really want to have sex. Ever. It seems like once a month is pretty standard; twice is a good month.'

What do you do?

He's sleeping with someone else or he's ..

Gay? I don't think it's the gay thing. It could be but I just don't think.

Let's assume the best. Maybe he's really stressed out with all the changes.

How about this: sex drives don't always match. They just don't always match.

It's a symptom and it's a cultural thing because it's like men always want to have sex and women don't and that's not neccessarily true.

A lot of women get married so they can have a lot of sex. Men get married and eh.

I remember being single long before I was dating going marriage is where it's at because now there's someone there who I can have sex with whenever I want which is very naive until you get into a marriage because now sex is actually trickier than ever.

How long have they been together? Two months they've been married? Is that the question? Two months - you're still on you're honeymoon.

They could've been together for a very long time and I'm looking at a male's perspective. Now come clean, come on. You sleep with a girl frequently for two, three years: are you really dying to have sex with her?

I'll give you this: on the way here this morning, in the car, at 6:30 in the morning, the idea of sex came up and I was this close to pulling the car over to the side of the road. I like sex and she was agreeable to the idea. I think if I didn't have that whole thing, the marriage would be on the rocks.

'Has she ever been ready for sex and you weren't?'

I have this thing. When I like to have sex and a lot of guys won't admit this, but I like to be clean. I like my girlfriend or wife to be clean. Do you guys have that or anywhere, anytime, doesn't matter?

In that situation, if I'm tired and it's been a long day, I sacrifice for her sake and step up to the plate because she's offering me sex. That is what we want.

Ok, so anytime, anywhere?

I'll put it like this: quality over quantity.

I agree.

If she's like, how about we sort of make it a little better and a little less often?

There's nothing more annoying when they start to get in our head and it's like a chore. "You're the guy." Now you're challenging my masculinity and now I want to go to sleep.

A lot of women can emasculate men when they're too sexually aggressive.

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