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5 years ago

Dating: Do I Talk Too Much?

Question: "Why am I still single? Do I talk too much?"

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This is Paul Carrick Brunson with Ask YourTango, answering
all of your love and relationship questions

Today's question comes from Sweet-Coco: Why am I single?

"I'm genuinely attractive and men approach me all the time, but none ever ask me out. I think I do something to turn them off. Do guys dislike girls who talk a lot?"

Well, Sweet-Coco, it's interesting that you immediately said 'Do guys dislike girls who talk a lot?' So, I am assuming, that you are a yapper.

Now, here's what I found, is that people that are single and live by themselves by default talk a little bit more than those that are married and it makes sense, right?

Me being married, I go home and talk to my wife, my wife talks to me. By the time I go to work the next day, I'm talked out.

I think that because you lasered focus on do you talk too much, that's something that you wan't to evaluate and never, ever would I suggest you turning into someone you're not.

If you're a natural talker, that's who you are.

The man that you meet who is Mr. Right will love you for that.

But the second thought here is to really evaluate whether or not you're just overboard with your talking and here's how you evaluate whether or not if there is something particular that men dislike about you is you ask them.

Men will be very upfront and honest with you, especially people that appear to have no interest in you.

I would round up two or three gentleman that are friends of yours and ask, 'Hey! What is it about me, what is it, what is it that's turning these guys away?' And I bet you one of your answers will be found with those guys.