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5 years ago

How to Avoid A So-So First Date

Question: "Good date, no call back. Why?"

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transcript of video:
Hi, I'm Rachel Greenwald and I'm the author of, "Have Him At Hello," with Ask YourTango.

Today's question is, "Good date, no call back. Why?"

"I went on a date the other night. It went OK. At the end of the date he went to give me a hug and he kissed me on the cheek.

The next day I got a text from him asking how I was. Then we texted back and forth maybe 2 more times. Then nothing.

I thought things were going well, do you have any insight about why he hasn't called since?"

You have to understand that in today's world, people have infinite options because of the internet and online dating.

People believe that a more perfect match is just a mouse click away.

When a guy tells you he had a nice time, what he usually means is that nothing's wrong but nothing's compelling, either.

Your date sounds like it had a case of the blahs, where there's nothing specific that happened, but men believe that there just may be something more perfect out there.

Now, this isn't nice. I know it doesn't sound good or feel good. But the truth is, there is actually something you can do about the blahs to make your date more exciting and eventful next time so that he feels compelled to call you back.

You want to focus next time on your energy level. You want to keep your shoulders back.

You want to have your eyes on him and giving him your full attention. Try to have a feisty attitude and ask him some fun questions.

Don't just sit there and exchange demographic data, like "where are you from?" and "how many siblings do you have?" but come up with some unique questions.

And I bet next time, the blahs will not even be present on your date.