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5 years ago

Why Women Find Kissing and Foreplay SO Ridiculously Sexy

How do you keep the sparks alive? Weigh in here:

When it comes to foreplay and sex, there's a reason why women find locking lips so hot. If you want to take your romance to the next level, these kissing tips will definitely spice things up!


I am Dr. John gray with Ask YourTango", answering your love and relationship questions.

"My boyfriend doesn't kiss me as much anymore. Should I worry? When we first met, he was really into kissing but now that we have sex, he doesn't kiss me that much. Now it's just a little kiss which doesn't turn me on much. Does it mean he doesn't love me anymore"

It's quite common for men to stop kissing after awhile and then have sex. Men go through a hierarchy. You start out kissing, then touch, then go south. If I can go south, why not just go south right away? Cause for him, that's the goal. Let's get to the goal as fast as we can. But the problem with that is that women need the kissing. There has to be an engorgement of blood, first here, then in the chest, then all the way down south and that takes time. It doesn't take a long time but it takes time and kissing is what stimulates that. Literally a man shouldn't start going south until a woman's getting enough blood flow and arousal in her mouth so that she wants to start opening up for a little bit of tongue interaction so kissing is one of the most powerful ways of opening that up. And before kissing, sometimes a foot massage is really good. So what you can say to him is, when he wants to have sex, you can say "I need to get my blood flow and my hormones stimulating because I have been so stressed today. Would you just spend a few minutes massaging my feet? And then he says, um okay. If you ask him, he'll do it and if he doesn't enjoy it, it doesn't matter. Just get him to do it. "Oh that feels so much better. I'm really feeling closer to you. Let's just kiss for at least a couple of minutes and then we'll go for it.

If his hands are moving south too fast, pull them back up. And if he's touching you too hard, say "Softer, softer". Short little instructions are really good, long sentences are not but thought positive instruction is really good cuz he does not know what you need and he doesn't want to be taught like a schoolteacher. "You're doing it wrong." If you don't like this, just give him positive instructions. He'll always goes "Okay, whatever I can do to make her happy."

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