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5 years ago

BEWARE! Lying About This Will Ruin Your Online Dating Life

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We get it. After being out of the dating scene for a while, getting back out there is tough. Not to mention all of the other challenges that accompany online dating from the start. When it finally happens, it can feel pretty invigorating when you get a message from that guy you've been eying.

But, all at once, your feelings of elation lead to worry. What happens when he gets to know the real you? Will he like what he sees? Will you match his expectations in person? Does he want something other than what you're offering? All of these worries lead to one conclusion: you have to fib.

So you tell a few little white lies to improve your chances that he not only keeps texting, but ultimately asks you out. In your mind, what's a little embellishment going to hurt in the grand scheme of things?

But truth is, online dating is tough enough without having to deal with the added pressure of keeping up all of the little white lies you tell.

So what do women lie about online? Two things: their looks and their age.

According to the Huffington Post, "Fifty-three percent of American people surveyed said they lied in their online dating profiles[...]Over 20 percent of women post old pictures of themselves when they were younger and often thinner."

The study also found that women lie ten percent more than men do. I wish we could say that this surprised us, but in truth, the women we know are often more insecure than the men. These same women worry deeply about how men see them and it seems that many of them tell a few too many lies online.

Here's the real question: what does lying about your age (or not being truthful in general) really do for you? Nothing. In fact, dating Expert Julie Ferman stresses that this can actually harm your chances of finding love, not improve them.

Not only does it make you look dishonest, but it also begs the question of whether there's anything else that you're hiding. After all, if you can lie about something as big as your age, what else are you lying about? It invites a lack of trust into the relationship before it even begins.

Even worse, it'll end up destroying your love life in the long run.

So where do you draw the line?

Think about it like this. If the roles were reversed and you found out that he was lying about something MAJOR, how would you feel? No one likes being duped, period. This should go without saying but you should NEVER start off a relationship with doubts. The fact is that dishonesty will always be a deal breaker, both online and offline.

This may not seem like earth-shattering news but is super important.

Yes, trying to meet people online is sometimes an uphill battle, especially after being rejected so many times. But putting out a false image of yourself won't get you anywhere. Instead of leveling the playing field, it'll only have you standing on the sidelines.

Have you been the victim of a lying partner or are you guilty of lying on your profile yourself? We'd love to hear it.

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