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Lionel Messi ● 10 Virtually Impossible Goals - Not Even Possible on PlayStation -HD

Messi 10 Impossible Goals in Career | Messi Goals that Did Not Seem to Be Possible ||

Inexplicable , supernatural , inhuman , superhuman , extraterrestrial , extraordinary , unrealistic , ....... No words can describe some of the goals Leo Messi scored throughout his career. These are some goals of Lionel Messi that didn't seem to be possible to be explained by any logic. This compilation features ten such 'Golazos' of Lionel Andres 'Leo' Messi.

Messi 10 Supernatural Goals :
Vs Almeria 2015 : Messi curve goal vs Almeria in 2014/15 where he insanely curved the ball within a little distance. To curve the shot a minimum distance or range is needed but he curved so much from inside the box its unrealistic.
Vs AC Milan 2013 : Messi 1st goal vs AC Milan 2012/13 where he was surrounded by 5 ACM players but still managed to shoot. And he lifted the ball into the net through a gap between them that didn't seem to exist.
Vs Stuttgart 2010 : Messi goal vs BfB Stuttgart in 2009/10. He managed a top corner rocket shot through 4 defenders when there was literally no space.
Vs Malaga 2009 : Messi goal vs Malaga 2008/09 where he controlled the ball with chest and then took multiple touches with feints within second before a top corner weak right foot finish.
Vs Athletic Bilbao 2013 : Messi goal vs Athletic club 2012/13 where he just literally walked through the whole defense.
Vs Iran 2014 : Messi goal vs Iran in 2014 FIFA World Cup where he scored when there was whole Iran team in front of him with all 11 players. He even had some of his teammates in front of him.
Vs Getafe 2007 : Messi legendary solo goal vs Getafe CF 2006/07. The goal of the century.
Vs Real Madrid 2011 : Messi legendary solo goal vs Real Madrid 2010/11 where he beat all of the back four of Madrid.
Vs Atletico Madrid 2012 : Messi legendary free kick vs Atletico Madrid from an impossible position to the far right corner. The ball seemed to went out of the arena but still hit the back of the net.
Vs Athletic Bilbao 2015 : Messi solo goal vs Athletic Club 2014/15 that was proved to be scientifically impossible by ESPN sports scientists.

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Radamel Falcao -"Is Messi a real player or a PlayStation character?" ,
Arsène Wenger -"He(Messi) is like a PlayStation!" ,
"How do you describe magic ? How do you describe this? It's virtually l impossible!" -Ray Hudson .

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